AnaGize+ PRP “Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy”

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AnaGize+ PRP,“Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy”


What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy?

It is a new, non-surgical solution for hair loss in men and women that helps you preserve the hair you have, stimulate new hair growth and promote stronger, healthier hair.

Pre-treatment clinical photograph

Post-treatment clinical photograph


PRP is a concentration derived from your own blood. It has lots of good growth factors that stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are prepared using a few tubes of the patient’s own blood, which after being centrifuged are injected into the treated areas, releasing growth factors that increase the proliferation of reparative cells.


Not all PRP treatments for hair loss are created equal. When it comes to stopping hair loss, a 6-10x concentration of platelets is best. Achieving this concentration requires more sophisticated and expensive technology than a simple centrifuge. Depending on the intended use, PRP may or may not contain red or white blood cells. But, by definition, PRP contains a concentration of platelets that is higher than your blood.


The PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: how does it work?

The doctor takes a little blood which is then treated in a centrifuge so that only the enriched cells or platelets (PRP) remain.

The PRP or highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into the scalp or areas to be treated using a special micro needle. The treatment was repeated every two weeks, for a total of four times. The outcome was assessed after 3 months by clinical examination, macroscopic photos, hair pull test and patient’s overall satisfaction.






It is possible to use AnaGize+ PRP Hair Loss Therapy alone to promote hair growth or it can also be used in combination with hair transplant or restoration surgery.


How can hair loss be prevented? AnaGize + PRPAnaGize™ Hair Therapy For Men and Women is a series of hair and scalp products created to fight the causes of hair loss in men and women.


PRP contains its own unique chemical messengers called growth factors. Growth factors found in PRP can counteract some of the effects of these baldness genes, but only under the right conditions. To be effective against hair loss, PRP treatments must contain a high enough concentration of these essential growth factors and it must be delivered to the areas of the hair follicle where the stem cells are in the highest concentrations – at the middle and the base of the hair follicle. This requires an injection of a specific concentrated quality of PRP into the multiple layers of a scalp that has been properly anesthetized. When combined with the regenerating properties of AnaGize+ PRP Therapy, the stem cells in the follicles activate the growth centers to begin producing thicker, more robust hair, with an extended life cycle. AnaGize Therapy supports PRP to produce a more significant result that is longer lasting.


What causes hair loss?


It’s important to first understand a few basics about the biology of hereditary hair loss. Chemical messages controlled by hair loss genes signal hair follicle stem cell activity to wind down over a period of time. Ultimately, the follicles dwindle resulting in thinning hair or baldness.


Frequently asked questions about PRP hair treatment


Does it hurt?

In the past some patients experienced PRP Hair Loss Therapy as comfortable and usually not painful when carried out
under topical anesthetic. An is injected in the scalp by using a fine micro insulin syringe.


How long does PRP treatment take?
The actual procedure normally takes about 60 minutes, depending upon the areas being treated.



What is AnaGize™ Hair Therapy

AnaGize™ Hair Therapy For Men and Women is a series of hair and scalp products created to fight the causes of hair loss in men and women.


Healthy hair follicles become unhealthy when they don’t receive the proper nourishment. AnaGize’s exclusive combination of selected nutrients and minoxidil are designed to facilitate the normal function of hair follicles by increasing cell metabolism, correcting unhealthy scalp conditions, and removing topical DHT that builds up and clogs pores that, in turn, smother the hair follicle; these actions help to strengthen each individual follicle. Each product in AnaGize’s healthy hair and scalp regimen has been synergistically developed to deliver maximum results toward normalizing, and ultimately creating a healthy and abundant growth environment. The net effect is that the reduction of hair loss and the promotion of stronger, fuller, and healthier looking hair starts with AnaGize, + plus PRP today’s new science for fine, thin or thinning hair.



PRP injection is a simple, cost effective and feasible treatment option for androgenic alopecia, with high overall patient satisfaction. Considering its excellent safety profile and relatively low cost, PRP hair treatment is a promising treatment option for patients with thinning hair.


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